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The third incarnation of The Wonder #1582, 1947

The Wonder was the name of several weeklies published by Alfred Harmsworth and the Amalgamated Press, some running simultaneously after a bewildering array of relaunching and renaming. Also published at various times as The Funny Wonder, The Wonder and Jester, The Jester and Wonder, The Jester, The Jolly Jester, The Penny Wonder and The Halfpenny Wonder. I think I've more or less disentangled the publishing history.

First series[]

The first series of The Wonder was published by Alfred Harmsworth, pre-AP, beginning on 30 July 1892. It was renamed The Funny Wonder on 27 January 1893, and ran until 25 May 1901. Strips included:

Second series[]

A second incarnation of The Wonder was launched as a story paper on 16 November 1901. It was relaunched as a comic, The Wonder and Jester, on 10 May 1902. It then became The Jester and Wonder on 24 May 1902, The Jester on 27 January 1912, The Jolly Jester on 25 December 1920, and finally back to The Wonder on 23 February 1924. It ran until 18 February 1940, after which it was merged into The Funny Wonder, which is what the third incarnation of The Wonder was called at that time. Editors who worked on it included Stanley Gooch and Sid Bicknell. Strips included:

Third series[]

In the meantime, another title, The Penny Wonder, was launched on 10 January 1912. It was renamed The Wonder on 4 January 1913, The Halfpenny Wonder on 21 March 1914, and then The Funny Wonder on 19 December 1914. In incorporated the second incarnation of The Wonder on 18 May 1940, and was renamed The Wonder again on 30 May 1942. It ran until 12 September 1953, after which it was merged into Radio Fun. Strips included:


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