Twinkle, "the picture paper especially for little girls", was a popular British comic, published by DC Thomson from 27 January 1968 to 1999 (1612 issues). It was aimed at young girls and came out weekly, supplemented each year with a Summer Special and a hardcover Annual (the first annual was dated 1970).

The comics were introduced by Twinkle herself and featured comic strips, dress-up dolls, a Twinkle Club letters page, and often puzzles. Among the most popular comic strips were "Nurse Nancy" (illustrated by Sabine Price), "Jenny Wren", "Witch Winkle", "Polly's Magic Paintbox", "Goldilocks and her Three Bears", "My Baby Brother", "The Three Pennys", "Patsy Panda", "Patty Pickle", "Sally Sweet", "Molly and her Dollies" and "Dandy Lion".

Twinkle was given a make-over in the late 1970s and again in the late 1980s, but essentially the character of Twinkle, the comic strips and the essence of the comic remained the same throughout its life.

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