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===<center>Welcome to New Wiki Name</center>===
This a Wiki dedicated to British comics.
This is a Wiki dedicated to British comics. So far it has [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]] ([[Special:RecentChanges|recent changes]]).
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==A few guidelines...==
* Most wikis insist on a formal writing style, but this one don't. There are some basic rules of thumb to follow here - a degree of formality is desirable if you're writing a biography or an article on a serious work of graphic fiction, and obviously we don't need an article that starts off with "this comic's rubbish and people who like it are ugly" - but there's no reason to be po-faced if you're writing about the Bash Street Kids.
* While this wiki is still finding its feet a UK comic will be defined as ''a comic that is created entirely or in substantial part by one or more UK-based creators for publication in the UK''. This leaves a number of grey areas, in particular comics made for foreign distribution by UK creators and comics made for UK distribution by foreign creators. These issues will hopefully be sorted out as the wiki progresses and more members join; until then it'd be best to avoid the grey and stick to the black and white.
* For now, at least, webcomics will not be covered by this wiki. Because of their ephemeral nature, those things are a can of worms which it'd be best not to open until a bit later on when the groundwork's been laid.
* Comics that have been published in print, however, are fair game no matter how obscure they are. This includes short-run small-press comics, comics given away with breakfast cereal, you name it.
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==Getting started==
Lots of redlinks to fill in:
*[[Special:WantedPages|Wanted pages]]
*[[List of artists]]
*[[List of writers]]
*[[List of comic titles]]
*[[List of comic strips]]
*[[List of newspaper and magazine strips]]
*[[Special:Upload|Upload image]]
[[Category:Whp always said, daft i call it]]

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