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Welcome to UK Comics Wiki

This is a Wiki dedicated to British comics.

A few guidelines...

  • Most wikis insist on a formal writing style, but this one don't. There are some basic rules of thumb to follow here - a degree of formality is desirable if you're writing a biography or an article on a serious work of graphic fiction, and obviously we don't need an article that starts off with "this comic's rubbish and people who like it are ugly" - but there's no reason to be po-faced if you're writing about the Bash Street Kids.
  • For now, at least, webcomics will not be covered by this wiki. Because of their ephemeral nature, those things are a can of worms which it'd be best not to open until a bit later on when the groundwork's been laid.
  • Comics that have been published in print, however, are fair game no matter how obscure they are.


  • 14 September 2010: Drew up some basic rules.

Getting started

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