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Valkyrie Press was an independent publishing company active in the 1980s.

The company was originally set up by the crew behind Redfox, as a means for their series to continue publication after its agreement with Harrier Comics came to a close.[1] Although it was chaired by Redfox artist Fox its principal member appears to have been writer Chris Bell, as she explained:

'The Board of Valkyrie Press, which is an honest-to-goodness genuine Limited Company, consists of five people: one solicitor... one accountant... one company secretary and transport manager... one Chairman, mostly notable for plaintive cries of "Don't ask me - I just draw the pictures", who steers well clear of anything to do with the dull day-to-day business side and who does, indeed, just draw the pictures for our other comic, "Redfox"; and me. Pleased to meet you. I'm Chris Bell. I'm Valkyrie Press.'[2]

Valkyrie Press took over Redfox with issue 11, dated September 1987. The same year the company began publishing The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, a series by Bryan Talbot that had been appearing in one form or another since 1976.[3] Both comics lasted for ten issues while being published by Valkyrie, each run concluding in 1989. In her editorial for the final issue of Redfox, Bell announced her retirement from editing comics, in part due to having a baby. This would presumably explain why Valkyrie Press ceased activities, even though the same issue discussed subsequently-aborted plans for Redfox to be continued with a new writer.[4]

"Valkyrie Press" was later used as the name of Fox's personal website, which is also now defunct.[5]

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