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"Violet" was a strip that ran in issues 13 to 29 (except 23) of The DFC. It was written and drawn by Emma Vieceli, with art by Traci Hui.


Violet is a young girl who lives with her elder siblings Rose and Gentian. On her birthday, she finds out that she has suddenly developed superhuman strength: she is nearly hit by a car, but manages to stop it with her bare hands.

She spends the next few days using her newfound power to help people around town while still keeping it a secret - even from her friends, Cassie and Vern.

Later, a friend from Violet's childhood, Tyler, returns to town. Violet remembers having an accident involving a spilt chemical while in a laboratory owned by Tyler's scientist father, and wonders if the incident is connected to her new strength. Meanwhile, Tyler appears to have a secret of his own.