Viz is a monthly adult (that is, it has the kind of jokes you couldn't get away with printing in The Beano) comic conceived in 1979 by Chris Donald.

The comic is in large part a parody of the traditional British children's humour comic: the well-worn formulas and conventions of The Beano, Dandy and the rest are retained, but shot through with sexual jokes, swearing, gratuitous violence and outright weirdness. "Terry Fuckwitt the Unintelligent Cartoon Character" lampoons the legions of characters whose main personality trait is that they're a bit dim; "Buster Gonad and his Unfeasibly Large Testicles" is the inevitable addition to the ranks of comic characters with enlarged body parts; and so forth. Much of the humour derives from the combination of stuffy, over-traditional format and ribald subject matter

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