Warlord issue1

Issue 1, 1974, cover featuring "Union Jack Jackson", art by Carlos Cruz

Warlord was a war-themed weekly launched by DC Thomson on 28 September 1974, edited by Pete Clark with Bill Graham as chief sub-editor. Graham took over as editor after 18 months. Its stories were less jingoistic and "derring do" than traditional war comics (although by modern standards still very patriotic and given to stereotyping), with a more realistic focus on the military and the enlisted man. Clark also reduced the number of panels per page and introduced large splash panels, allowing the art to be more action-packed. It was immediately successful, prompting IPC to launch a rival, Battle Picture Weekly, in 1975. Warlord would have to be seen as the origin of the 1970s revitalisation of boys' comics that led to 2000 AD.

Strips included:

It also included features like "True Life War Story" and "Weapons in Action".

Warlord inspired a contemporary action-themed spin-off, Bullet, launched on 14 February 1976 - the same date IPC launched Action. Bullet merged into Warlord on 19 November 1977. "Young Fireball", starring Lord Peter Flint's nephew, was one of the strips that carried over, drawn by Neville Wilson. Warlord finally merged into The Victor on 27 September 1986, although summer specials continued until 1990.

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