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Whoopee! was a weekly humour anthology published by IPC from 1974 to 1985.

Shiver and Shake, Cheeky Weekly and Wow! all merged into it over the years. Eventually, Whoopee! merged into Whizzer and Chips.

Strips included...

  • "Ad Lad"
  • "Bumpkin Billionaires"
  • "Dads as Lads"
  • "Daisy Jones' Locket"
  • "Dick Doobie"
  • "Ernie Learner"
  • "Evil Eye"
  • "Hee Gee and his Nag"
  • "Little Miss Muffit"
  • "Pop Snorer"
  • "Smiler"
  • "Snack Man"
  • "Spy School"
  • "Super Mum"
  • "Sweeny Toddler" (from Shiver and Shake)
  • "Toy Boy"
  • "The Upper Crusts and the Lazy Loafers"