BB Storybook Cover c1965

Bleep and Booster, 1965

William Timym was born in Austria on 5 October 1902 and grew up in Vienna. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Art and exhibited as a fine artist. He drew a comic strip called The Boss, distributed in Czechoslovakia and Scandinavia, until 1938 when he fled to England after the Nazis occupied Austria. During the Second World War he painted posters for the Ministry of Information, and he became a naturalised British citizen in 1949.

He adopted the pseudonym Tim, and worked as a political cartoonist for John Bull magazine, and drew several comic strips for newspapers and magazines in the 1940s and 50s through the Cooper Features London agency, including Caesar (1946-) for the Sunday Dispatch, Humphrey for Woman magazine, Bengo the Boxer for the Daily Express, Wuff, Tuff and Snuff, Bim, Bam and Boom and Oh, Johnny!. Around 1963 he created Bleep and Booster for the BBC magazine Blue Peter, who also had their own TV cartoon and appeared in a series of annuals.

He branched into sculpture in later life, specialising in realistic animals, including a bronze of Guy the Gorilla for London Zoo and a bust of Petra the Blue Peter dog for the BBC. He was awarded the MBE in 1988, and died in Brent, Middlesex, in the second quarter of 1990.


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