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An appearance in 'Spike, dawn by Neville Wilson, 1983

William Wilson was a wonder athlete whose adventures first appeared in the story paper The Wizard in 1943-46, written by Gilbert Dalton under the pseudonym W. S. K. Webb and illustrated by Jack Glass. His comic strip adventures ran in The Hornet from 1964 to 1976, The Hotspur from 1976 to 1980, and finally in Spike, drawn by Neville Wilson and sometimes titled "The Man in Black", from 1983 to 1984. "The Truth About Wilson" was a title used in all his appearances.

Wilson was born in 1795, learned the secret of eternal life and complete control of his body, and excelled in all sporting endeavours, competing in a black all-in-one and bare feet.

William Wilson in The Hornet[]

Check out for scans of every single one of these stories.

Issue Numbers

Story Title


53 - 71

The Truth About Wilson

 The first story published in 12 Sep 1964

75 –95

The Further Truth About Wilson

Story about Wilson’s younger years

119 - 129

Has Wilson Come Back?

Wilson calling himself Corporal Green after being shot down over the channel


The Forbidden Quest of William Wilson

 A trip to Tibet to climb Everest, (with no top on)!

154 - 168

Wilson and the Black Olympics

Deep in the African jungle, Wilson is taken prisoner and forced to compete against Zulu's

180 - 190

Wilson and the Ship of Shivers

Wilson on an artificial ice floe turned into an aircraft carrier

212 - 224

It’s Wilson Again

 Wilson discover a lost Ancient Greece in the middle of Africa.

255 - 280

Wilson Did It

Wilson defeats the Aussies in the Ashes

313 -320?

Wilson - Seeker of Champions


? - 380

Wilson - Trainer of Champions


408 - 416

Wilson - The Ageless Athlete

471 - 481

The Great Wilson

Wilson poses as Dr. Martin Roberts

500 - 517

The Truth About Wilson

Reprinted (1st series 53 - 71?)

567 - 590

Wilson at War


594 - 614

The Further Truth About Wilson

Reprinted (1st series 75 –95)

615 - 629

The Forbidden Quest of William Wilson

Reprinted (1st series 138-152)

634 - 647

Wilson and the Secret Olympics

Reprinted (1st series 154 - 168)

648 (last issue of the Hornet)

Wilson's Wonders

Series continued in the Hotspur 14th Feb. 1976 (852 - 874) until 17 Jul 76.

William Wilson in Spike[]

Some more stories (old & new material) were published in Spike comic starting in issue #1 on 22 Jan 83. However all the artwork was new and "updated", but the old stories were much the same. Scans are available at the above address.

Issue Numbers

Story Title


The Man in Black


The Truth About Wilson


Wilson - Maker of Champions


Wilson - The Missing Diaries


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