Hutton roy tiger1972

"Roy of the Rovers", from Tiger, 1972

Yvonne Hutton (born Yvonne Jeanne Mullins, 31 October 1941; d. March 1992), from Weymouth, Dorset, attended Poole Art College in the mid-1960s, and found some work on the side assisting comics artist Colin Page, along with fellow Poole student David Sque. She drew "Roy of the Rovers" in Tiger from 1967 to 1975, passing the strip to Sque. When Roy got his own title in 1976, Sque transferred to it, and Hutton returned to the strip in Tiger until it ended in 1978. She drew other strips in Roy of the Rovers, including "Durrell's Palace" (1981-85), "Wayne's Wolves" (1985-86) "Kevin's Chance" (1986-87) "City" (1987-88), and "Terrible Twins" (1988-89). She drew the Roy of the Rovers daily strip in the Daily Star. She died in March 1992 after a car crash in December 1991.


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